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Our liquids for e-cigs are manufactured with Flavours Food "Made in Italy", from companies of national importance.


Propylene glycol and Glycerol used in the formulations, are exclusively of pharmaceutical grade. Tobacco's natural extract contributes to give that special flavor and the fragrant steam that every smoker tries in their liquids.


Our liquid refills do not contain nicotine. The absence of this substance will allow then to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked daily.


Tobacco's natural extract will give you the delicious taste of tabacco dreamed by every smoker. This substance is called "Tobacco Absolute" , and it is a natural product obtained by maceration of tobacco's leaves.

It is widely used in cosmetics and in the manufacturing industry of tobacco, where it is added to the normal cigarettes to give it a particular and pronounced flavor.


Like all natural extracts, it is extremely expensive. In fact, the price ranges from 1200 Euro per kilo until you get to 3000 Euro per Kg.

Much depends from type and tobacco quality used to get the essence. Almost all the manufacturers of liquid refills does not use this product just because of the particularly high price. But the taste and the aroma given by the natural product is superior and even better than synthetic ones normally used.